Business reporting tool
for digital marketing and sales

KO collects data from 50+ sources and helps to create individual reports, dashboards faster to make data-driven decisions for more cost-effectively ads and sales growth.
Saves 100h/month on the team's labor costs.
Сreate individual reports and dashboards easier with up to 100 metrics.
Control of business metrics: DRR, ROI, CPA, CPO and revenue.
Add specific metrics such as chat statistics, webinar performance and other.
Simple and fast setup without a programmer. 50+ integrations and 30 ready-to-use reports.

The service works with any data

Connected services and their data provide new slices, metrics and reports on them.
Expenses from Google Spreadsheet, Formula costs, Yandex Direct, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, VK Ads.
Websites, quizzes, leadforms, chats
Multilanding, LP Platform, Website: tracking, widgets, CallTouch, Creatium, E-mail leads, Envybox: leads, Facebook Leadform, Google Leadform, Marquiz, QuizGo, Tilda, Venyoo, VK Leadform, Wazzup24.
Webinars, bots, mailings
Bizon365, enKod, GetCourse, GetResponse, HR Messenger, Leeloo.ai, Senler, TextBack.
Leads in the Google spreadsheet, Megaplan, amoCRM, Bitrix24, ElmaBpm, Intrum CRM, Roistat.
Phone and SMS
Sending SMS to leads, Mango Office, SMS.RU, Stream Telecom, Zadarma.
Statistics & Analytics
Call Tracking, Yandex Metrika, E-mail tracking, Google Analytics.
Webhook: receiving leads, Postback for CPA networks.
Site monitoring, Notifications, E-AutoPay.


All rates provide full reporting on all slices and metrics. Advertising, CRM, form tracking, calls from telephony, call tracking, email tracking, notifications and other features.
$99 monthly
Budget: up to $0.9K
Leads: up to 500
Additional connectors starting from $45
$149 monthly
Budget: up to $1.4K
Leads: up to 3K
Additional connectors starting from $45
$299 monthly
Budget: up to $9K
Leads: up to 10K
Additional connectors starting from $45
$499 monthly
Budget: up to $39K
Leads: up to 20K
Additional connectors starting from $45
Business Plus
$649 monthly
Budget: up to $100K
Leads: up to 30K
Additional connectors starting from $45
$899 monthly
Budget: up to $168K
Leads: up to 50K
Additional connectors starting from $45
You can try any plan for 14 days for free.

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